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About Info Myanmar College

IMC was established in 2014. It’s one of the educational outlets of IMCS Company Limited since 2008, which achieved the success in the Professional Information Technology Certification Level. IMC is dedicated to provide teaching and learning that enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of our students which is aiming to produce skillful and talented youth of our country. Info Myanmar College is proudly stood as the registered center of Pearson Education UK to provide Higher National Diploma Courses. IMC is committed to offer educational requirements in this age of knowledge based society through IT sector. IMCS Ltd, the main root and mother company of Info Myanmar College is an education service company has been teaching only computing subject for ten years and IMC is striving to be one of the best computer sciences colleges that produce computer experts of Myanmar. Edinburgh Napier University, one of the most prestigious universities in United Kingdom, in partnership with Info Myanmar College, has been proudly brought to all Myanmar students who are ardently studying computing subject.

College Supports

Arrange to learn the information technology modules of university standard to become skilful information technology technicians. Support to be stronger at Network Trend for the students who want to emphasize at networking. Teach and practice English well from HND Foundation to get English Proficient Skills and high score at IELTS. Arrange to be available of essential supports as:

  • E-Library
  • Library
  • Computer Lab Room
  • Language Test Room
  • Free internet access
  • Extra class for unskillful students

Teaching Method & Student Support

Teaching Method

Let them learn in the medium size class with 16 students per class. Teaching by Student Focus or Student Centered system. Teaching with Projects, Assignments, and Presentations of related subjects to complete well.

Student Support

Support and arrange Laptop, Uniforms, Cup and Locker for every student individually and private School ferries for convenient transportat College canteen for having meals convenien Quiet, calm and pleasurable surroundings and Campus for pay attention at learn A playground for recreation in bre A library which has various kinds of over 400 books for all-round improvement.

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“ Degree
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Info Myanmar College

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    Bachelor of ComputingNapier University

    Offering Topup Degree for HND graduated students.

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    BTEC PearsonHigher National Diploma

    Offering Higher National Diploma for QCF Level 4 & 5.

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